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Create a show display for your next trade show event with 3D MAX DISPLAY  tension-fabric display stands. You’ll find a wide range of tension-fabric options below, each one featuring lightweight frames that expand with ease, meaning just one or two people can set up even the largest units in no time. We also offer a wide variety of styles, from vector frame displays to linear extrusion display systems, to match any brand aesthetic.

Stretch-fabric exhibition stands are a practical investment in that fabrics are relatively inexpensive. This means you can use one frame and switch out numerous fabric graphics to create an experience that is precision-tailored to each show’s audience. Our designers are also able to create a variety of imagery effects by utilizing different fabrics and printing methods on these tension-fabric backdrops. Reach your audience like never before - place your order for the tension-fabric display of your choice right here!

Fabric trade show displays are a great and inviting way to bring consumers into your space by adding imagery and appeal. At 3D MAX DISPLAY, our goal is to provide our customers with the best, high-quality products to make their display stand out from the crowd. Our designers are able to create a variety of imagery effects for you to choose from and each fabric display we have available is lightweight and incredibly easy to set up. Browse our wide range of tension fabric displays and choose the best option for your needs, today!

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